Fundraising - Twilight Bay Run - WynnumTwilight Bay Run – Wynnum

Help Mangrove Housing

The 7th annual Twilight Bay Run in Wynnum will attract thousands of competitors who will be fundraising to help charity. Proceeds from entrant registration fees will be donated to our primary charity partner for the Twilight Bay Run 2018. We encourage participants to support our charity partner and fundraise individually through the online fundraising portal.

Mangrove Housing

Mangrove Housing are a not for profit community housing organisation, which has been assisting disadvantaged people to access affordable housing since 1993. Our vision is to make a genuine difference in the lives of our clients through enabling them to maintain safe and secure housing.

Mangrove Housing has been an established presence in Brisbane’s Bayside for 25 years. Our charity now supports around 2,000 people across southeast Queensland with their housing needs every year. Mangrove Housing takes pride in making a difference, and in addition to helping disadvantaged people sustain secure housing, our services include a range of free programs including adult financial literacy and energy literacy.

Why does Mangrove Housing do what we do?

There are no longer any affordable rentals for single pensioners in Australia, forcing many elderly into homelessness. The 2016 national Census revealed alarming evidence of increasing homelessness which should concern every Australian. Homelessness in Australia continues to increase. The number of homeless people aged 55 and over increased 28% between 2011 and 2016. The number of older, homeless women increased by a shocking 31% between 2011 and 2016. Women over 55 years of age are now, devastatingly, the fasting growing homelessness demographic in Australia.

Mangrove Housing is committed to reducing homelessness by providing solutions to the national crisis and is proud to have launched our latest project: The Forgotten Women. Through this project, Mangrove Housing will provide dedicated housing for women aged 55 and over. If our homelessness crisis concerns you, please join Mangrove Housing in our mission to provide targeted housing for older, homeless women.

Mangrove Housing and the 2018 Twilight Bay Run are proud of our partnership to raise funds to positively affect the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

How can you help?

You are able to help raise funds and awareness for charity by engaging in any of the following activities

1. Register to run or walk in the Twilight Bay Run
2. Register as a volunteer
3. Start your own fundraising initiative

We look forward to your involvement in the Twilight Bay Run and hope you can join in the run under the moon and stars alongside a sparkling waterfront in September in 2018