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28 Aug

Run pain free at Twilight

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Injured or want to run pain free?

Everyone wants to run pain free on Twilight night. Don’t be sidelined when you know there might just be something you can do to stop your niggle turning into an injury. Here are the top tips from intraining podiatrist, Steve Manning, to keep you uninjured and on the road for Twilight Bay Run:

  • Check your shoes. Running shoes usually only last for eight months. If your legs and feet are hurting now, then come and see one of our running team to help you find a new pair.  
  • Don’t over train. The single most common mistake people make is training too much, too hard or increasing their training too soon. Recovery is the as important as the training itself. Don’t make the training mistake that will keep you sidelined.  
  • Act fast if you get sore. Making the right choice early about training when your sore can make the difference between a good run, and not a run. A few days, some ice and a visit to see one of our running podiatrists or physio’s could keep you on track to run well at Twilight.  Don’t let an injury get in the way of a good run.

Injured? What you can do

If you’re already suffering from an injury – it’s better to get treatment before it turns into something more significant.

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And if you’re worried it’s stopping you from taking part, you could always still come along and be a volunteer or support a friend who may want to run!

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