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10 week Twilight training guide

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Steve Manning - intraining Running Centre coachTogether with intraining Running Centre and the intraining Marathon School we are proud to present the 2018 half marathon, 10km and 5km training guides to help get you to the start line of your event, no matter what you ability.

Each training guide has been written by intraining Running Centre owner, level 4 running coach and experienced runner, Steve Manning.IRC_training_web

Training plans below are built over a 10 week to allow your body enough time to adapt to training load and get ready to enjoy the Twilight experience. We are proud to bring to you a fantastic and easy to follow set of training program that will help you reach the start line of your event.

Beginner runners and walkers

These programs are designed for someone for one of two types of people. The first is someone who has never run before and wants to join the world of running with the beginner Couch 2 5km program. The second is for someone who runs occasionally or is looking to complete their first half marathon or 10km event in a structured step-by-step running program.








Experienced runners

These programs are designed for someone who has already participated in previous events and is looking to achieve a personal best time with a structured training program. Suitable for Twilight Bay Half Marathon or 10km Run/Walk participants.







intraining-image-8Join in intraining beginner group training sessions

These beginner groups cater to those just starting out running and looking to take part in the Twilight Bay Run. Offering a non intimidating, fun and friendly environment, organised by experienced coaches who understand the limitations surrounding the first few steps to becoming a runner. Cost is $5 if intraining member and $10 casual attendance. Click here for more information about becoming an intraining member.


6:00pm: Cleveland Point (at the Lighthouse – see directions)


6:30pm: Chermside West (Huxtable Park – see directions)

If you have any questions, please contact our training support team here

If you are excited to participate, but need some guidance in reaching your goal, our team of coaches at intraining Running & Triathlon Club can help you get to the finish line at the Twilight Bay Run this September.