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14 Sep

Ultra runner takes on Twilight

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Why an ultramarathon runner takes on Twilight with his family

John Pearson is an ultramarathon runner who is used to training long, solo hours for races of up to 240 km, including up Mt Kosciusko.

For him, Twilight is his chance to celebrate the art and joy of running and racing with his family and others in a positive way.

“These days I spend a lot of time training on my own. Running long and hard sessions alone can get a little isolating. So come race day, there is that buzz of excitement, runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes, of different ages all coming from backgrounds coming together to challenge themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, said John.

“For me, the event does not start and end at a start or finish line. The build up is exciting and stimulating. The post finish line feeling is usually one of satisfaction in completing the event and taking on any challenges that came my way during the event.

Running has become a big part of our family life and a real highlight for me in the last few months has been, being able to share major events with my son.

Even when the competitive juices cease to inspire me, I am sure the joy of running with the kids and watching them develop will keep my enthusiasm up.”

Twilight Bay Run is all about having fun with the family, whether you are running or walking, get the whole family involved and help raise money for charity and having a memorable experience at the same time.