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14 Sep

Why you run faster at events?

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Why do you run faster at events?

It actually happens… you can run faster over a longer distance in an event than in training. A few simple tweaks to your training and even the way you approach the race can have a big impact on how easily you might race. Here are intraining Running Centre coach Steve Manning’s, five best tips to help you run faster on race day.

5 tips to help you run faster

  1. It’s a race. You will nearly always have more motivation to want to achieve your goal when you are in a race situation.  
  2. You have other people to run with. The people around you create atmosphere, adrenaline and for some a new level of heightened competition.
  3. Run faster with lighter shoes. Yep – it’s a fact. Lighter shoes mean you need less effort when you push off the ground, you have less weight to carry than your training shoes and can give you a smoother run. Who wouldn’t want that!
  4. Your focus changes. Knowing you are striving towards a goal makes you become more focused on your task to run. You think more about your running form, your breathing, and naturally prevent your mind from wandering.   
  5. You are more rested. The last week of training is your taper week. This means less training and shorter distances, leaving you feeling rested and eager to get out on the road and run fast.

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