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19 Sep

Your first 10km or half marathon?

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Do the ‘impossible’ and run 10km or half marathon

Running a half marathon may feel like the impossible… and this is exactly how Brisbane’s Amanda Cutlack felt years ago. That’s until she used Twilight – a flat and fast course – as a stepping stone in her journey to tackling her world of running. Since then, she’s gone from not being able to make 5km, to now running a marathon.

“I thought it would happen with parkrun…but actually, it happened many, many months later when I ran Twilight and hit a turning point because that was my first 10km run. I had ran about 6kms and I thought to myself, I can’t remember the last 3kms. Where did that go? And then I just kept on going.

At the end of the race, someone had spoken to me and said, “how’d the run go?”. I realised I was just just having fun. I forgot I was running. And that’s when I really thought, hang on a minute, I can really classify myself as a runner. Because I’m running and not knowing it and I’m enjoying it. That was my turning point. That’s when I knew hang on, I could go that little bit further. But I just needed the help and the guidance to be able to do it.”

“It’s the laughter, the cheers, the atmosphere that’s completely unique and inspiring to Twilight. It makes you run faster than you ever have before,” Sharon – another runner who loves Twilight said.

Half Marathon map

NEW flat and fast half marathon map

The Twilight Bay Half Marathon is the last major half marathon in Queensland — and it’s the one you don’t want to miss. Get that feeling Amanda, Sharon and all the runners with smiles on their faces feel when out there under the moon and stars. Anyone can do it.

Plus we are pumped to announce an ALL NEW new flat course for our 10km and half marathon runners. The new two loop 10km course follows flat and fast closed roads along the esplanade, with no more nasty hills to be seen. As an added benefit, did you know that running at night is your best chance at a personal best time? It’s why you see many Athletics championship meets held in the evening!

If you’ve never tried it before, now is the perfect opportunity to take your running to the next level. To get you there, we’ve created a range of training programs to make sure you’re ready for the night.


Check out our training programs, provided by intraining Running Centre, online here.